Definition ofActuarial Service

Actuarial science is the discipline that involves application of various mathematical and statistical methodologies to evaluate risk in insurance, finance-based and other operational industries and occupations.

Actuarial science has taken up its foot as a proper mathematical discipline in the late 1700’s backed by augmented demand for long-term insurance coverage such as Burial, Life insurance, and Annuities , making the field now emerging as the most demanded one by today’s Life insurance, pensions and healthcare industries to rely upon these actuaries.
Actuarial science as a career
Quoted by one of the actuary grad: “I like to think that I’m helping people. I’m helping them get good health care; I’m helping them protect themselves in old age. I’m creating economic growth.”

Actuarial science is being preferred as a career for many great reasons like:
• It is consistently being ranked as top field to study in US.
• A promising career with handsome pay scale.
• Actuaries are always in demand & are never job-less.
• Impressive growth due to analytical skills & excellent problem solving capabilities.
• Always enjoy a stress-free, healthy lifestyle.

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