Definition of Cash -Budget-Tool


Cash Budget Tool” has three tabs;

  1. Introduction
  2.  Cash Budget
  3. Graph

“Introduction” Tab

It explains how to use  the “Cash Budget Tool”.

Use “Cash Budget Tool”  to plan your business’s cash flow. The template provides data entry areas for cash inflows and outflows from both operations and financing.

The beginning cash balance is entered in the first month and calculated for all subsequent months. Note that the total column summarizes the entire year, from the first month’s beginning balance to the last month’s ending balance.
Change the starting month by typing the first three letters of the month at the top of the first column. The other month headings will be calculated by formulas.

“Cash Budget” Tab

It is the sheet, where you need to put values as per your business situation.

“Graph” Tab

This sheet helps to analyze the cash inflow and cash outflow of business with graphical presentation.

Please download the file Cash Budget Tool


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