What is Private keys?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Private key?

Definition of Private key It is a variable that is used in a world of cryptocurrency in which variable has been associated with a public key or algorithm to encrypt or decrypt code known as a private key. Fundamentally, this key is a part of a bitcoin and outcomes with the help of which their owner […]
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what is Ethereum?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Ethereum?

Definition of Ethereum Ethereum is one of the most common cryptocurrencies, which is an open-source platform based on blockchain technology. It facilitates people or their users by providing a decentralized application. Brief Explanation of Ethereum Ethereum and bitcoin are similar to some extent, but in many cases, ethereum provides a different function, like it ratifies accounts […]
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what is transaction block?-Definition of all finance terms

What is transaction block?

Definition of transaction block In a network, a transaction block records all or some of the transactions and the data and regulates them. This process makes every transaction in a blockchain of cryptocurrency more secure and reliable. Brief Explanation This block is completely like a record book or ledger where all the completed block has been checked […]
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what is token?-Definition of all finance terms

What is token?

Definition of token In the world of cryptocurrency, the token is a characterization or representation of digital commodities or assets used in a distributed blockchain-based network. These are commonly provided by cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoin, etc. Brief Explanation of token This is quite similar to a common coin but is built on a different platform of […]
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what is ether classic?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Ethereum Classic?

Definition of Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic is a common cryptocurrency that is an open-source platform based on blockchain technology. It facilitates people or their users by providing a decentralized application. In addition, it provides a cryptocurrency value token which is known as “CLASSIC ETHER.” Brief Explanation Ethereum Classic and Ethereum are similar in many ways as […]
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what is softfork?-Definition of all finance terms

What is softfork?

Definition of softfork A softfork is a variation or change in protocols on the blockchain-based network by the instructions or approval of old blocks or protocols that the new one is valid or not in a bitcoin blockchain-based application system. Brief Explanation of softfork The validity of a new block depends on the decision of a […]
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what is stream ciphers?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Stream ciphers?

Definition of Stream Ciphers A stream cipher is a method in which all the encrypted data or content has been combined with a binary digit or a key stream. This method is not commonly used in cryptography; the best alternative to stream ciphers is a block cipher. Brief Explanation of Stream Ciphers It is commonly […]
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what is ripple?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Ripple?

Definition of Ripple Ripple is a financial intermediary or a payment protocol in a network for any currency, including fiat/cryptocurrency or any other. The ultimate goal of this is to make transactions easy in a network with a trustworthy gateway without any discrimination. Brief Explanation of Ripple In a blockchain-based distributed network, a ripple system work […]
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what is protocols?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Protocols?

Definition of Protocols Protocols are a set or bunch of rules and procedures that allow data communication between entities in a network. In the cryptocurrency world, property such as digital money or commodities is transferred by real transformative power over a network. Brief Explanation of Protocols They are able to perform all functions of the cryptocurrency […]
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What is cipher-text?-Definition of all finance terms

What is cipher-text?

Definition of cipher-text The cipher-text is a non-readable transformed form of plain text. It is the output of an encryption process. This text is only readable by authorized access. Brief Explanation of cipher-text The ciphertext primarily aims to secure data or information from unauthorized access. Plain text, after the process of encryption, becomes ciphertext which is […]
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