what is Light Node?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Light Node?

Definition of Light Node Any member which is connected to a computer with bitcoin network is called nodes. This is most commonly used lightweight node in a network. It forms the backbone of a network. This uses a lightweight hard disk space and bandwidth comparatively full nodes. Breif Explanation of Light Node Light nodes download all the […]
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WHAT is SPV?-Definition of all finance terms

What is SPV(Simplified Payment Verification) client?

Definition of SPV(Simplified Payment Verification) client SPV client stands for (simplified payment verification) client. It’s one of a method of verifying the payment or transaction of a bitcoin in a distributed block chain based network. It verifies particular transaction in a network without downloading the complete blocks of a bitcoin. This particular or individual block a smaller […]
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what is bitcoin lowercase?-Definition of all finance terms

What is bitcoin (lowercase)?

Definition of bitcoin (lowercase) Bitcoin lowercase has basically defined the bitcoin with a small “b” which represents different context or perspective. When we use bitcoin with the lowercase that means, we are here referring bitcoin in a context of a currency or money which is digitized. It is important for users to differentiate between bitcoin with uppercase […]
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what is Attestation Ledger?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Attestation Ledger?

Definition of Attestation Ledger An attestation ledger is a reliable form of distributed ledger which provides evidence or a solid record of an agreement’s commitments and statements. Also, an application can use it to demonstrate that it is running on a genuine ledger device. Brief Explanation of Attestation Ledger This ledger consists of all types of […]
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what is Proof-of-Work?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Proof-of-Work?

Definition of Proof-of-Work Proof of work is a protocol that is commonly used in much of cryptographic applications. It is helpful in the generation of a block in a distributed blockchain-based network. Every minor must complete their POW to accept a block by network participants. Hash cash is one of an application of this method. Brief […]
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what is interplanetary file system?-Definition of all finance terms

What is IPFS( interplanetary file system)?

Definition of  interplanetary file system IPFS stands for an interplanetary file system. It is an open-source distributed blockchain-based project in a network. It was first introduced or designed by Juan Benet in 2014. Brief Explanation of IPFS It’s a protocol in a network that creates a decentralized pattern of storing and sharing documents or files […]
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what is Private currency ?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Private Currency?

Definition of Private Currency Private currency is one kind of currency that is issued by a private firm or entity in which there is a change in the market value of that currency. There are so many countries in the world where the issuance of this currency has been restricted by law. Brief Explanation of Private […]
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