Definition of Hedge

What is a Hedge?

  Definition The hedge is the financial terms used in risk management strategy. It is the offsetting or limiting the probability of loss from the decreasing prices of the stock, commodities, currencies and securities. In other word, It is the process of transferring risk without buying insurance policy. In simple language, It is the process of making investment […]
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Definition of Depreciation

What is Depreciation ?

Depreciation is the method of allocating costs of tangible assets over its useful life. Depreciation always on long term assets, which have more than one year useful life. Depreciation on long term assets apply for both tax and accounting purposes. Usage of Depreciation For Accounting Purpose, it helps to determine that how much asset value […]
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Definition of Bear-Market

What is Bear Market ?

  What is Bear Market The bear market is a condition in which, securities show decreasing trend in prices, caused by negative sentiments in the market. When If the  market condition falls by more than 20%, it is a clear indication of a bear market. This condition takes place when the economy enters into recession, […]
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Definition bookkeeping-and-financial-tool

Bookkeeping and Financial Tool?

  This is a simple accounting, bookkeeping and Financial Tool which is developed to serve you the purpose of financial analysis. This tool will help you out to know your company T-account balances, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Ratios and Analytical charts This is simple to use and easy to update on […]
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