Definition of Transfer Agents

What is Transfer Agents ?

Definition of  Transfer Agents A transfer agent is a financial institution or trust company or bank which keeps record of investors and his account balances for the sake of company. Transfer agents are generally assigned by organizations to maintain track of investor’s transactions, issues different certificates and assist them in different matters like losing of […]
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Definition of Pure Discount Instrument

What is Pure Discount Instrument ?

Definition of Pure Discount Instrument Pure Discount Instrument is a type of protection that will pay no earnings until maturity; upon expiry, the owner gets the head value of the instrument. Brief Explanation of Pure Discount Instrument The instrument is initially marketed for less than its experience value (at a discount). It is a debt instrument that […]
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Definition of Period Certain

What is Period Certain ?

Definition of Period Certain Period Certain is an annualization-method choice with which the annuitant chooses a particular time frame for which the premium earnings expenses will last. Brief Explanation of Period Certain This is compared with the also chosen lifestyle choice, with which the annuitant gets an ongoing revenue transaction throughout his or her lifestyle, […]
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Definition of Net Exposure ?

What is Net Exposure ?

Definition of Net Exposure Net exposure is the quantity difference between a hedge fund’s lengthy and brief exposure. It is a measure of the level to which a fund’s trading book is exposed to industry variations. Brief Explanation of Net Exposure The finance manager will modify the net exposure according to his or her financial […]
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Definition of net charge-off ratio ?

What is Net Charge-Off Ratio ?

Definition of Net Charge-Off Ratio The net charge-off ratio is the money comprising the distinction between total charge-offs and any subsequent recoveries of delinquent debts. Brief Explanation of Net Charge-Off Ratio The net charge-off is often a percentage comprising that quantity of debts that an organization believes it will never collect compare to average receivables. […]
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Definition of Financial forecasting

What is Financial forecasting ?

Definition of Financial forecasting Forecasting in general means studying, estimating and predicting future based on the past trends, numbers and circumstances. Financial forecasting of a business means estimating financial direction of the organization i.e. financial budgeting, revenue forecasting, future Financial expenses, sales and demand, future potential investments projects etc. Organizations do forecasting because they want […]
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