Definition of Business Process Reengineering

What is Business Process Reengineering ?

Definition Business Process Reengineering is the redesign and analysis of workflows between and within enterprises in order to automate non-value-added tasks and optimize end-to-end processes. It involves modifications in processes and in structures inside the business environment. In Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the entire organizational, human, and technological dimensions may be changed. Information technology provides […]
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Definition of Traditional cost Accounting

What is Traditional cost Accounting ?

Traditional cost Accounting Traditional cost Accounting is a costing system in which all the manufacturing cost is assigned to the product being made. Traditional costing is also known is conventional costing. Elements of manufacturing cost includes Labor, material and other expenses. Traditional cost Accounting Material cost: Cost of material used in any product. Labor cost: […]
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Definition of Period Certain

What is Period Certain ?

Definition of Period Certain Period Certain is an annualization-method choice with which the annuitant chooses a particular time frame for which the premium earnings expenses will last. Brief Explanation of Period Certain This is compared with the also chosen lifestyle choice, with which the annuitant gets an ongoing revenue transaction throughout his or her lifestyle, […]
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Definition of Peri-Retirement

What is Peri-Retirement ?

Definition of Peri-Retirement Peri-Retirement is a term for plenty of your interval of time major up to actual retirement living. Brief Explanation of Peri-Retirement It is noticeable by the look stage of retirement living, in which an individual decides his or her economic preparedness. People in this level major up to retirement living are most likely […]
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Definition of Performance Shares

What is Performance Shares ?

Performance Shares Performance Shares, in the situation of inventory settlement, are shares of organization inventory given to supervisors only if certain company-wide performance requirements are met, such as income per share objectives. Performance Shares The purpose of this is to tie supervisors to the interests of investors. Their objective is similar to worker stock-option programs, […]
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Definition of Performance Management

What is Performance Management ?

Definition of Performance Management Performance Management is the control over workers, divisions, and companies to ensure that goals and goals are being achieved wisely. Brief Explanation of Performance Management It includes interpreting what efficient performance looks like, as developing the tools and procedures necessary to measure performance. It includes the way supervisors assess workers, how workers […]
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Definition of Performance Drag

What is Performance Drag ?

Definition of Performance Drag The adverse impact of deal expenses on the efficiency of a financial commitment. Brief Explanation of Performance Drag Performance Drag is normally linked to broker income, but there are many additional aspects such as moment, bid-ask propagates and other chance expenses that can cause the return of a financial commitment to […]
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Definition of Human Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management?

Definition of Human Resource Management Human resource management as the name suggests is a department in any organization which deals with company’s employees from hiring (entry) till their leaving the organization. It is responsible to perform all the duties related to employees during their tenure in their organization and sometimes even afterwards. Brief Explanation of Human Resource […]
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Cash Flow Matching

What is Cash Flow Matching?

Definition Cash flow matching is a procedure of hedging in which a company or other entity matches its cash outflows with cash inflows. Similarly, it is a strategy of investment used by investors or companies in order to meet the future cash needs. Explanation of Cash Flow Matching It is the practice of matching returns […]
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