Management Analysis

Definition of Financial Record

What is Financial Record?

Definition Financial record is the formal documents, which represents the transactions of a business, an individual or any other organization. Financial record is being maintained by companies including income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of retained earnings, and tax returns. Keeping the financial record in an organized way is a key indication of […]
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Definition of1040A Form

what is 1040A Form?

Definition of 1040A Form It is a simple form of the 1040 form for personal earnings tax. Description of 1040A Form To be qualified to use a 1040A form, a person must meet certain specifications such as not detailing reductions, not being in business and having taxed earnings of less than $100,000. It is unofficially known […]
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definition of reconstruction

What is Reconstruction?

Definition of Reconstruction Basically reconstitution means to form an organization or a group in a new way. Explanation of Reconstruction A changing or alterations made by adding and/or deleting stocks from the list of stocks that form an index. It reflects the current market capitalization and style. The most commonly used index for reconstitution is […]
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Definition of seasoned-issue

What is Seasoned Issue?

Definition of Seasoned Issue A company whose securities are already trading in the secondary market issues new securities. Seasoned Issue is also known as “seasoned equity offering”. Explanation A seasoned new issue of common stock can build using a cash offer or a rights offer. Underwriting firms handle the seasoned issues just like they handle […]
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Definition of subordinate-financing

What is Subordinate Financing?

Definition of Subordinate Financing Subordinate financing is debt that orders behind a first secured lender’s debt such as a first mortgage. Generally all mortgages are secured by the assets (usually properties) for which loans are given. The lender’s risk in subordinate financing is higher than that of senior lenders because the claim on assets is […]
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Definition of subordination-agreement

What is Subordination Agreement?

Definition of Subordination Agreement subordination agreement is a legal document that gives priority to one debt over another for collecting repayment from a debtor. Explanation Subordination agreements utilize in complex corporate debt structures. For example, a subordination agreement takes place when a person tries to refinance the first mortgage on a property which has a […]
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