What is cipher-text?-Definition of all finance terms

Definition of cipher-text

The cipher-text is a non-readable transformed form of plain text. It is the output of an encryption process. This text is only readable by authorized access.

Brief Explanation of cipher-text

The ciphertext primarily aims to secure data or information from unauthorized access. Plain text, after the process of encryption, becomes ciphertext which is specified to an authorized recipient. This text is readable by an unauthorized only if those parties have a password or secret key. The only authorized recipient has that password or private key to access this text.

This text is unreadable for recipients who do not have a password until they convert it into a readable form with a password or private key. This is very helpful in the process of securing information or data to prevent any misuse of confidential data or text of any party.

Before this current technological era, all the processes of ciphertext were carried out manually instead of machines; in today’s modernized or highly technical world, machines quickly convert plain text into ciphertext.

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