Definition of coupon rate

Definition of coupon rate

The coupon rate of a connection is the attention rate paid per year as a portion of the experience value or major.

Brief Explanation of coupon rate

This term  used to have a much more actual significance than it does nowadays. To get attention levels in the past, bondholders would have to video a voucher from their physical certification of connection possession and take it to the bank to acquire the cash. Nowadays, your agent is more likely to down payment the installments directly into your account. Some ties, known as zero-coupon ties, do not pay discounts and instead can be bought at a price less than par value. A bond’s coupon rate can be measured by splitting the sum of the security’s yearly voucher expenses and splitting them by the bond’s par value. For example, a connection released with an experience value of $1,000 that will pay a $25 voucher semi-annually has a voucher amount of 5%. All else organized equivalent, ties with higher coupon rates are more suitable for traders than those with lower voucher prices.


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