Definition of Cumulative total return


Cumulative total return pertaining to an investment signifies the total profit including capital gains, dividends and interest received over a period of time on investment. The time period essential for figuring out the cumulative total return relating to an investment can vary. Often, it is known as a rate of return on investment. Furthermore, it is useful for expressing the arrival of individual investments or evaluating and considering common assets. Considering the cumulative total return over a number of distinct eras is a fantastic strategy for analyzing the execution of different investments.

Brief Explanation

A mountain chart, for example, is a visual example of illustrating the “impact” of a mutual fund’s execution over time. Financial specialists should check to affirm whether premiums, as well as profits, are incorporated into the aggregate return; combined return calculations consider such payouts as reinvested or crude dollars. Any showcasing material for a shared store or comparable speculation should express any suspicions obviously when exhibiting such execution information.


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