Definition of Database Management System

Definition of Database Management System

A DBMS is a software, making it easy for the end-users to produce, read, update and delete data within a database.

Description of Database Management System

The DBMS fundamentally works as an interface between the database and end users & make sure that the data is organized accurately & can be easily retrieved at the time of need.

Three essentials of DBMS:

The DBMS performs & manages three significant things:
• The data
• Database engine, making the data easily accessible, stored & modified
• The database schema, signifying the logical structure of database

The above three fundamentals help in providing the data with concurrency, privacy & ensure complete integrity.

Tasks Performed By ADBMS Software

DBMS increasingly supports the database administration-driven tasks like:
• Change management
• Performance evaluation & modification
• Backup and recovery plans.
Many database management systems are also being widely used nowadays across diverse industries like restaurants, insurance, automobiles & IT firms where there is a heavy need for data to be recovered on time, at any place.
Putting all up, DBMS is now considered as the most powerful tool for data management due to its utility of making data available for multiple users across multiple locations.

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