Definition of Debentures

It is a financial instrument which is comparatively, a long-term security with a fixed rate of interest; Debentures are issued by a company and secured against assets.

A debenture is one of those financial securities, not secured by any type of physical assets or collateral. Debentures signify the general credit worthiness and repute of the issuer,
Debentures are most often issued by the governments & firms for the purpose of capital security. Debentures are being officially reported on a document called “indenture”.
Debentures have no collaterals associated with them. Bond holders usually buy debentures on the basis of faith that the issue of bond won’t default regarding the repay terms. T-Bills are the most common examples of debentures.
Debentures are often seen as the most common form of long- yielding loans, announced by a firm & are bound to be paid back upon an agreed date along with a decided, fixed interest rate. Companies usually pay the interest amount once after the settlement of dividends with the shareholders.
Debentures are the most risk-free & beneficial instruments to trade with as they have lowest interest rates & a future repayment date.

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