Definition of Distance learning

Definition of Distance learning

Distance learning also known as distance education as the name suggests is the process of learning while one is not physically present at school or learning place. There could be a number of reasons for distance learning like

  • The course a student wants to take is not being offered at any university or institution nearby him and he is unable to physically relocate,
  • The student is already doing job or is busy with some other responsibility and cannot take the course on offered time and several other possible personal reasons.
  • Money can be one factor too

Brief Explanation Of Distance learning

It is offered through DVDS, university’s printed material, audio recordings and now the latest mediums are live video conferencing like webinar etc.

Courses offered through distance learning varies from Management to accounting, literature to religious subjects and so on.

World’s biggest and renowned universities like Harvard University and Oxford University are also offering distance courses from undergraduate to graduate and post graduate level.

Advantages of Distance Learning:

  • Flexibility of time and location
  • International degree easily achievable.
  • Real time technology now available.
  • Experienced lecture providers and diversified exposure
  • May be economical (money saving)
  • Convenience of travelling
  • No class room sitting and attendance issues.


Dis Advantages of Distance Learning:

  • Less social interaction and hence small social network and experience sharing. (solidarity)
  • Language can be a barrier, normally distance lectures are in English but if the student’s ability to understand English is not that good.
  • No face to face interaction with teachers and absence of emotions.
  • Some mediums like DVD and print material are not live and hence some queries and explanations might go unanswered.
  • Although wide numbers of courses are offered online but there is a possibility of missing ones.
  • Some people or employers do not value distance learning that much.
  • New updated technology required at home and proper knowledge with tools.
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