What is Distributed ledgers?

what is Distributed ledgers?-Definition of all finance terms

Definition of Distributed ledgers

A general agreement consists of digitized synchronized data which is shared publicly across the world to a different sites institutions and countries geographically called distributed ledger, also known as   shared ledger. This ledger has been updated independently by each node over a worldwide network.

Breif Explanation of Distributed ledgers

For the execution of this ledger, there is a requirement of a peer to peer network as it records the exchanges of assets in which their details are recorded in a multiple places at a same time. In distributed ledger, there is no single administration. In a current era of technology, in electronic business distributed ledger was playing one of a vital role. There is variety of distributed ledger has been working or structured according to the needs of some specific problems data requirement or solutions. There is not a single block chain to rule them all. Distributed ledger allowed to do businesses with international collaboration as well. It helps by providing a joint and integrated record of a multiple data.

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