Definition of Financial Objective

It is a purpose set by a company in which the purpose state is calculated in financial conditions, such as a certain amount of earnings, or a number increase in earnings over a time frame.

Financial objectives are dissimilar to other types of objectives, such as preservation objectives, employment objectives, or advertising objectives, the accomplishment of which cannot easily be calculated on a financial basis.
One set of promotion strategy objectives that companies entrepreneurs keep a close eye on are the financial targets that figure out the come back on the promotion strategy and its overall productivity.
Reasons for establishing financial objectives
• Act as a concentrate for making decisions and effort
• Allows investors to evaluate whether the company is going to give a beneficial investment
• Enables outside companies (suppliers and customers), to validate the financial stability of a business
• Provide a measuring stick against which failing or success can be measured
• Improves efficiency
• Improves coordination
Financial objectives are an objective or concentrate on followed by the finance division within a company and it will contain a specific mathematical factor and also a timescale within which it is to be performed.

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