Definition of Financial planning needs

Financial Planning is a continuous process to help you make sensible choices about cash that can help you achieve your objectives in life; it’s not just about buying products like a retirement living or an ISA.

It might include putting appropriate wills in place to guard your close relatives members, considering about how your close relatives members will handle without your income should you fall ill or die ahead of time, cash in a different way, but it includes considering about all of these things together i.e. your ‘plan’. You can have Financial Planning Needs on your own, or if your needs are more complicated you might want the help of a Financial Planner.
Build a sound operating strategy in six steps
1) Establish your objectives in life – short, medium and long-term
2) Work out what obligations and resources you have – write them down
3) Evaluate your current budget – how close are you to accomplishing your goals?
4) Develop your strategy – make a “route map” for accomplishing your different goals
5) Implement your strategy – make the changes and ensure it is happen
6) Monitor and review your strategy at least annually and build adjustments when needed

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