Definition of Financial statement

Definition of Financial statement

Financial statement for companies usually include income claims, balance lines, claims of maintained income and cash moves.

Brief Explanation of Financial statement

It is standard practice for companies to present economical claims that conform to generally accept bookkeeping concepts to maintain a continual of information and presentation across international boundaries.

Financial statements are often audited by government departments, bookkeeping firms, firms, etc. to ensure precision and for tax, financing or creating investment reasons. Owners and supervisors require financial statements for making important company choices that affect its ongoing functions. Financial research is then performed on these claims to provide control with a more detailed understanding of the numbers. These claims are also used as part of management’s yearly report to the stockholders. Workers also need these reports for making combined negotiating contracts (CBA) with the control, in the case of labor unions or for individuals in talking about their settlement, promotion, and positions. Prospective traders take advantage of financial statements to evaluate the stability of getting an investment in a company. Financial studies are often used by traders and are prepared by professionals, thus providing them with the basis for making investment choices.


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