What is Foreign institutional investor (FII) ?

Definition of Foreign institutional investor (FII)

Definition of institutional investor (FII)

 A foreign institutional investor (FII) is a spectacular or venture subsidize enlisted in a nation outside of the one in which it is contributing. Institutional speculators most eminently incorporate flexible investments, insurance agencies, benefits stores and common assets. The term is utilized most usually in India and alludes to outside organizations putting resources into the money related markets of India.

Brief Explanation of Foreign institutional investor (FII)

A FII is any sort of vast investor who works together in a nation other than the one in which the venture instrument is being acquired. Notwithstanding the sorts of financial specialists above, others incorporate banks, large corporate purchasers or agents of expansive organizations. All FIIs take a position in a remote money related market for the benefit of the nation of origin in which they are enrolled.


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