Definition of Fund Manager

Definition of Fund Manager

Fund Manager is a professional who manages different assets likes shares, bonds, securities and real estate etc.

Fund Manager can either be the financial institution who is managing the assets or an individual manager who implementing strategies and managing a portfolio.

Brief Explanation of Fund Manager

  • Fund Manager personals are highly qualified individuals with degrees like CFA Chartered Financial Analysts.
  • They are required to show good academic credentials.
  • Funds Manager job is very responsible as investor depends on them for their money and profit in return.
  • Fund Managers are paid for their job
  • The job of funds managers is normally to research, analyze and invest, buy or sell on behalf of others for profit generation purpose.
  • They are also known as investment managers.
  • Fund Manager’s pay is sometimes percentage of the average fund he is handling i.e. Asset under Management.
  • It can also be percentage on the profit earned on investment.
  • When investing, the investor checks the portfolio, jobs done and profit earned by a Fund Manager either individual or financial institution.
  • It is therefore high responsibility of fund manager to wisely research, analyze, invest and make decisions on behalf of the client because the results would improve or demolish his and the financial institution creditability, trust and goodwill.


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