Definition of Gantt chart

Definition of Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a management software tool just like bar chart to represent project schedule in graphical form. Its helps represent and plan, coordinate and track projects. It represents different projects and how they are connected with each other in terms of time.


Brief Explanation of Gantt chart


  • Dates are displayed on the top of the Gantt chart. They show the start end and in mid intervals at which each task will take place.
  • Different tasks are listed on the left side i.e. y axis of the chart.
  • Bars on linear lines are used just like in bar chart to represent current position and time of various tasks.


  • Pictorial representation of complexed projects helps it easy to read and understand.
  • It divides big projects into small tasks with dates and time frame. That helps in setting achievable and foreseeable goals.
  • It is easy to manage small divided tasks.
  • Can be shared with every member involved in the project to show them the current status and deadlines to be met by them.
  • It shows clarity of the project and tasks.


  • As the time passes and tasks are done, the chart needs to be updated.
  • As it is a software it can be seen on the computer only. Printing the chart on paper may not fit in and hence would not show a complete picture.
  • Resources required to complete any given task cannot be shown on this chart.
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