Definition of What is Home office

Definition of Home office

Home office is one of the British Government Department.

It is a ministry department in United Kingdom and deals with immigration and security related issues.

British Home Office was founded in 1782 and since then it’s main aim is to provide safe and secure rights to it’s citizens. It’s main office is in London, United Kingdom.

Brief Explanation of Home office

The main responsibilities that can be covered under Home Office are visa, passport and immigration policies, security, drug, crime, anti-terrorism and police policies etc.


Visa, Passport and Immigration: Means policies to safeguard their border by controlling the immigrants to their country. This is done by proper policies, documentations, background screening issuing passport and visas. Not only after entrance the responsibility and check gets over. This department is also responsible for deportation of its citizens.

Drug Controlling: Policies to control illegal sale and use of drugs.

Alcohol Licensing: Issuing licenses to approved alcohol distributors with strict strategies and control.

Crime in the country: Checks on policies related to living security of its citizen i.e. reducing crime and safe living environment.

Anti-Terrorism : One of the main functions is to keep the country clean from terrorism and operations are always live on borders and inside the country to control one of the biggest problem of our times, terrorism .


Home Office has a very strong and active internet presence. All it’s policies and strategies are regularly update on their website.

Moreover, visa application information i.e. eligibility, categories, immigration rules and related processes are all available online in detail

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