Definition of Microsoft Project

Definition of  Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is basically software of project management, developed and sold by Microsoft Company.

Brief Explanation of Microsoft Project

It was the company’s third Microsoft Windows-based application, and within a few years of its introduction, it became the dominant PC-based project store application. It is meant to assist a job manager in developing a plan, giving sources to tasks, tracking progress, handling the budget, and analyzing workloads. It is meant to help customers be realistic for project groups and customers by creating plans, distributing sources and handling costs. Its  store is closely integrated with Microsoft Office suite and also includes a Client Access License that allows easy connection with Office Project Server. The main modules of Microsoft Project include project work and project groups, plans and financial situation. The Project Guide allows customers create tasks, track tasks, and report outcomes. It also comes with a customizable wizard that walks customers through the process of project creation, from giving their tasks and sources to reporting the effects. The application allows contractors gain control over their sources and financial situation by simplifying the assignment of sources to tasks and costs to tasks.


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