Definition of Minimum Purchase

Definition of Minimum Purchase

Minimum Purchase  is the lowest sum of cash required to invest in a common finance either to open a new consideration deposit into a consideration already in existence.

Brief Explanation of Minimum Purchase

Some customers have come up with creative ways to meet minimum investing specifications. This is set by the lender that operates the common finance. It is also known as purchase and minimum and lowest additional purchase. These methods include using bank credit rating cards to purchase money orders that can be used to pay providers that don’t accept bank cards payments, such as mortgage companies, and using bank credit rating cards to purchase gift certificates that can be used in future months. Such strategies are known as “manufactured investing,” and some savvy bank cards customers use them to earn sign-up additional bonuses that they otherwise could not qualify for because their typical purchasing habits are less than the lowest invest. Many bank credit rating cards do not have sign-up additional bonuses and therefore lowest investing specifications do not apply. Minimum invest only applies to earning bank cards bonuses; cards providers do not require people to charge the lowest quantity to their credit rating cards each month as a condition of being a cardholder.


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