Definition of Nano Cap

Nano caps are the small companies in which the investors can invest their money in order to get benefits from it.

These small companies are often related to the failure that a person might get into. Nano caps are also known as penny stalks which are linked with the large appetite for risk. Nano cap has less market capitalization than a micro cap which is around 50 dollars and the micro caps have the capacity of 300 dollars.
People normally seek for the invest plans and for this purpose nano caps are liked by the investors. A nano cap is the kind of stock that has normally less market capitalization and it is less focused and concerned by the investors because of the greater number of risks attached with it. These low volume small markets mostly attract the investors who think that they may bloom into larger companies. These stocks do not carry their own special risks. It is less concerned than the micro caps because of the less interest it develops in the investors as the market capitalization is the basic reason which attracts the customers. The large caps and small caps are only approximations that change over time.

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