Definition of Nasdaq

NASDAQ stands for national association of securities dealer automated quotation. NASDAQ is the American stock market which is commonly known as

It is the second largest capitalization owned by the country. The association was founded by the national association of security dealers.
NASDAQ began its training in 1971 and till then it is the first electronic stock market. After few years it became the stock market as it had included more of a trade and volume reporting. It is the association that is working towards the advancement since then it came into being. It is also the first online stock market in the US which has taken the level of the stock market to some other range.
In 2000 the NASDAQ had developed a lot and it suffered through many changes such as it was no more a stock market but was entertained as the National securities exchange. Due to the benefits, it was providing the NASDAQ was linked with the United Nations sustainable stock on the greatest eve of the United NATION sustainable development.
The place is located in one liberty plaza New York since 45 years of its development and up till know, it is in working because of its best strategy.

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