Definition of Negative carry

It is circumstances in which the cost of having a security surpasses that generate gained. A damaging carry scenario is typically unwanted because it means the trader is losing profits.

An trader might, however, achieve a good after-tax generate on a negative carry trade if the financial commitment comes with tax advantages, as might be the case with a Correlation whose attention rates were nontaxable.
A negative carry would occur if an trader obtained $1,000 at 12.5% and used the $1,000 to purchase a Correlation producing 9.5%. The bond’s discounts would not cover attention due, so the trader would end up paying 3% to make the financial commitment. In general, a negative continue a smart financial commitment is not a great thing. There are some gold designs, though: tax failures can be insurance deductible, for example negative provides can reduce the trader’s tax bill. Additionally, if attention on the loan is tax-deductible or attention on the financial commitment is tax-exempt, the trader might actually receive a good return on the financial commitment even though it appears to have a negative carry.

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