Definition of Obligation Bond

Definition of Obligation Bond

A municipal bond used to protect a mortgage on the residence or other physical resources that can be liquidated. The face value of the text is greater than the value of the residence itself.

Brief Explanation of Obligation Bond

A responsibility bond makes a personal responsibility on the part of the client make up the loan provider for expenses in excess of the value of the mortgaged residence or resources, such as settlement expenses or deal expenses.

At the municipality level, promises may include a commitment to impose residence taxation to meet the regional national responsibility to the bondholders. For example, since home entrepreneurs avoid losing their share in their specific qualities because of overdue residence tax bills, credit rating score agencies amount common responsibility promises with strong credit rating features and allocates them high investment quality scores. If the home entrepreneurs are not able to pay their residence taxation on or before the specific deadline, the government is lawfully allowed to increase the residence tax amount to make up for any delinquencies. On the specific deadline, the normal responsibility commitment requires the municipality to cover the debt with its available resources. Obligation bond is usually used to finance government tasks that will serve the municipal community.


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