What is Value Proposition Budgeting

What is Value Proposition Budgeting?

What is Value Proposition Budgeting Value Proposition Budgeting, also known as priority-based budgeting, is a costing method used to analyze the value of every activity in a business. This strategy prioritizes the most important activities to create better profits for the organization.  Prioritizing high-valued activities will maximize profits. In addition, this budget process includes reasoning […]
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What is Zero-Based Budgeting

What is Zero-Based Budgeting?

What is Zero-Based Budgeting? Zero-based budgeting assigns all your income toward expenses to fulfill every business need. This budgeting system aims to convert every dollar you earn into a valuable asset. Whether you want to buy a new asset or pay debt obligations, zero-based budgeting utilizes all your income into productive expenditures and keeps the […]
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What is Web 3.0

What is WEB 3.0

WEB 3.0 Web 3.0 (Web3) is the third generation of web technology advancement. The web, often known as the World Wide Web, is the primary layer that provides website and application services on the internet. Because Web 3.0 continuously expands, there is no canonical, widely acknowledged definition. But one thing is certain: Web 3.0 will […]
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What is Financial Modelling

What is Financial Modelling?

What is Financial Modelling? Financial modelling is a numeric representation of a company’s financial condition in a spreadsheet format. It comprises all the past, present, and future values. Financial analysts use these values to analyze a company’s performance.  It is an essential tool in the financial decision-making process. For example, analysts use these models to […]
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What is Financial Reporting

What is Financial Reporting?

What is Financial Reporting? Financial reporting is the fundamental process of recording, controlling, and documenting a company’s financial reports for a specific period. Company management uses financial reporting to analyze their financial performance. These records also help in generating future analysis strategies for the business.  There are several parts of financial reporting which include:  Observing […]
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What is Financial Modelling

What is Fintech (Financial Technology)?

Fintech (Financial Technology) Fintech is a portmanteau of financial technology and refers to the emerging sector of businesses that provide innovative solutions for digital banking, payment processing, investment management, and other financial services. Companies offering Fintech often leverage technological advancements to create user-friendly products that can facilitate transactions and offer personalized services to customers. Fintech […]
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What is Bookkeeping

What is Bookkeeping?

What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions of a company on a regular basis. Through bookkeeping, companies tend to analyze their daily financial transactions. These involve sales revenue, number of sales, operating expenses, payroll, taxation, loan, etc. These records must be accurate so that the company is aware of its financial position. […]
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What is Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO   A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a highly experienced executive working remotely with organizations to provide professional financial advice and expertise. Virtual CFOs typically have years of experience working in the C-suite of corporate finance, accounting, and business strategy. They partner with businesses to provide monthly analyses of their financial performance, […]
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What is Financial Budgeting

What is Financial Budgeting?

What is Financial Budgeting?   Financial budgeting is the projection of income and expenditure for a given period. It calculates the income you will earn and save concerning your expenses. The budgeting plans can be long-term and short-term, depending on your objectives.    Budgeting comprises balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, etc. It is […]
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What is Interim CFO

Interim CFO

Interim CFO An Interim CFO is an experienced finance executive who is hired on a temporary basis to provide financial and operational guidance. They are typically engaged when a company needs to fill a gap due to the sudden departure of their CFO, or when organizations are preparing for a permanent CFO hire but need […]
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