what is Proof-of-Work?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Proof-of-Work?

Definition of Proof-of-Work POF is a protocol which is commonly used in much of cryptographic applications. This is helpful in the generation of a block in a distributed blockchain based network. Every miner has to complete their proof of work in order to accept a block by network participants. Hash cash is one of an application […]
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what is Replicated Ledger?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Replicated Ledger?

Definition of Replicated Ledger Replicated ledger is a copy of a distributed ledger in a network which is distributed to all participants in a network of cryptocurrency world. This is very helpful to share all the recorded digitized information or data with all participants of cryptocurrency in a network.  Share a single copy to a globe […]
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what is interplanetary file system?-Definition of all finance terms

What is IPFS( interplanetary file system)?

Definition of  interplanetary file system IPFS stands for an interplanetary file system. It is an open source distributed block chain based project in a network. It was first introduced or designed by Juan Benet in 2014. Breif Explanation of interplanetary file system It’s a protocol in a network which creates a decentralized pattern of storing and […]
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what is Private currency ?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Private Currency?

Definition of Private Currency Private currency is one kind of a currency which is issued by a private firm or entity in which there is a change in a market value of that currency. There are so many countries in the world where the issuance of this private currency has been restricted by law. Breif Explanation […]
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what is Solidity?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Solidity?

Definition of Solidity Solidity is basically is a high-level language,  which is used in implementing smart contracts in an ethereum virtual machine.  It’s a contract-oriented and statically typed language which is not commonly known by everyone in the distributed block chain based network. Breif Explanation of Solidity The purpose of this converting contracts in a different or […]
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what is secure hash algorithm?-Definition of all finance terms

What is SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm)?

Definition of SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) SHA stands for the secure hash algorithm. It is one a hash function of the cryptographic world. Which is working on all digitized data by algorithm operations, it was introduced by NSA (national security agency) in the USA. SHA is a novel hash function which consists of a number of […]
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what is Ring Signature?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Ring Signature?

Definition of Ring Signature Ring signature is one of a digitized signature which can be done by any authorized person or a person which have an access to sign for a specific task or transaction, it was launched in 2001 by ASIACRYPT. This ring signature can be done by any of a key person. Breif Explanation […]
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what is Distributed ledgers?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Distributed ledgers?

Definition of Distributed ledgers A general agreement consists of digitized synchronized data which is shared publicly across the world to a different sites institutions and countries geographically called distributed ledger, also known as   shared ledger. This ledger has been updated independently by each node over a worldwide network. Breif Explanation of Distributed ledgers For the execution of […]
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What is Double spend?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Double spend?

Definition of Double spend It’s one of an error in a digitized world in which same single electronic currency can be used more than one time. It can be easier to be spending more than a single time in a digital currency than a physical currency because digital token contains digital file which can easily replicate […]
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