what is SHA 256?-Definition of all finance terms

What is SHA 256?

Definition of SHA 256 SHA-256 stands for secure hash algorithm-256.  It is one a hash function of the cryptographic world. Which is working on all digitized data by algorithm operations, it was introduced by NSA (national security agency) in the USA. SHA-256 is a novel hash function which consists of 32 bits. Breif Explanation of SHA 256 […]
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what is peer-to-peer?-Definition of all finance terms

What is PEER TO PEER (P2P)?

Definition of P2P P2P stands for peer to peer which consist of more than one personal computer system which are connected to one another through an internet connection or network. There is no central computer system or server which transfer data to other clients in this case all the information has been shared between all […]
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what is Full Node?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Full Node?

Definition of Full Node A system consists of those computers which connect to bitcoin network and fully enforce the regulations of bitcoin transactions is called a full node. It’s one of an important function in the cryptocurrency world. Full nodes are having completely accesses, whether to accept or reject the transactions of different currencies in […]
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What is dao?-Definition of all finance terms

What is DAO?

Definition of DAO DAO is an abbreviation of Decentralized autonomous organizations are one of an enterprise in a digitized world which consist of smart contracts (means different encoded or smart cards), with the help of these contacts and protocols this digitized organization have been run. Brief Explanation of DAO The main or core purpose of […]
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What is DAPP?-Definition of all finance terms

What is DAPP?

Definition of DAPP DAPP is an abbreviation of decentralized application, it is a software which centrally regulates or transfer the information from one point to another with the help of a single center. It is one of an innovative application in a world of cryptocurrency which include bitcoin and ether. Brief Explanation of DAPP It […]
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What is Private keys?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Private key?

Definition of Private key It is a variable which is used in a world of cryptocurrency in which variable has been associated with a public key or algorithm to encrypt or decrypt code known as a private key. Fundamentally, this private key is a part of a bitcoin and outcomes with the help of which their […]
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What is ledger ?-Definition of all finance terms

What is ledger?

Definition of ledger Ledger is the accumulation of a whole group of comparable records in double-entry bookkeeping. Likewise called book of final entry, a ledger records grouped and condensed money related data from journals as charges and credits, and demonstrates their present adjusts. it is one of an important function for the management of records in […]
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what is smart contracts?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Smart Contract?

Definition of Smart Contracts It’s kind of an agreement between buyer and seller with the mention lines and codes of a contract. It is a protocol in a computer which validate the process of verification and enforcing the performance of a contract. Brief Explanation of Smart Contracts It decreases the other transaction cost of a […]
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what is Ethereum?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Ethereum?

Definition of Ethereum Ethereum is one of a most the common cryptocurrency which is an open source platform based on block chain technology. It facilitates people or their users by providing a decentralized application. Breif Explanation of Ethereum Ethereum and bitcoin are similar to some extent, but in many cases, ethereum provides a different function like it’s […]
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What is Transaction fees?

Definition of Transaction fees In the world of cryptocurrency, the transaction fee is an amount charged by a network or system whose transaction has been done whether, it’s a transaction of bitcoin customer’s or a transaction of ethereum customers. In prioritizing transaction, this fee becomes so common. Breif Explanation of Transaction fees This fee is a difference […]
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