what is peer-to-peer?-Definition of all finance terms

Definition of Peer-to-Peer

P2P stands for peer-to-peer, consisting of more than one personal computer system connected to one another through an internet connection or network. There is no central computer system or server which transfers data to other clients, in this case, all the information has been shared between all the systems with each other.

Brief Explanation of Peer-to-Peer

Executing this software on a personal computer requires only an Internet connection and is widely accessible. With the help of this software, your computers are related to computers in a network, and it provides access to every other computer. Due to this access, all the computer systems can share data, information, and files with each other easily.

Commonly used software for executing p2p network programs is Kazaa linear Bearshare and acquisition. A single software folder can, however, share files.
This network makes the process of file sharing more convenient with each other.

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