what is PLAIN TEXT?-Definition of All finance terms

Definition of plain text

Plain text is a normal human-readable text or content which is not transformed into encrypted data or information. This type of text doesn’t have any specification for a reader or for a specified recipient.

Brief Explanation of Plain text

This type of text or information doesn’t have any formatting or writing a specification.ASCII (the American standard code for information interchange) simply supports it. The recipient or reader can use this interchangeable text to transform it into encrypted data or information.

This text has been converted into ciphertext after the encryption process. Basically, it is any data, the information containing numbers, characters, or symbols space, without any text formatting. You can also call it simple, plain, or readable.

This is one of the portable texts which supports by every application. However, it has no arithmetical tagging or specification and is only readable by authorized users.

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