Definition of Project management

Definition of Project management

Project management includes development and organization of a company’s sources to take a specific task, duty or event toward finalization.

Brief Explanation of Project management

A project manager helps to determine the objectives and objectives of the project and decides when the various project elements are to be finished and by whom. He makes QC checks to ensure finished elements fulfill a certain standard. It generally involves a one-time project rather than a continuous activity, and resources managed include human investment and financial investment. Project management is associated with areas such as medical care, construction, and information technology. All these normally have a complex set of elements that have to be finished and constructed in a set fashion to create a performing item. A project is a brief effort designed to produce an exclusive item, service or result with a detailed beginning and end usually time-constrained, and often restricted by funding or deliverables performed to fulfill exclusive objectives and objectives, generally to bring about beneficial change or added value. Project supervisors use visual representations of project-flow to determine which tasks are to be finished by which divisions.


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