Definition of quantified-self

Definition of Quantified Self

Quantified self (QS) is basically a method used for self-improvement, it is a way of gathering data and information about a person’s daily life using technological tools. In this method wearable gadgets are attached to person’s body in order to track his/her every activity such as food/water intake, sleep patterns, moods, mental and physical performance etc.

Explanation of Quantified Self

Now a days self-tracking is a growing trend and the method used for it is quantified self (QS); a modern data collection or self-assessment method. A variety of tools like step counters, sleep monitors and body scales are used for the purpose of data collection and the data collected through these gadgets help an individual to address his/her physical or/and mental performance.

Following are the quantified-self tracking classifications:

· Diet: Carbohydrates, protein, fat, calories, fiber, glycemic index etc.

· Sleep patterns: Hours of sleep

· Physical activities: Metabolic equivalents, steps, repetitions, miles, sets etc.

· Psychological conditions and intellectual states: Moods, emotions, anxiety, confidence, memory, self-esteem, creativity, reasoning, reaction etc.

· Environmental variables: weather, light, pollution, location, architecture etc.

· Societal variables: Social network, friends and family, trust, influence etc.

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