what is scrypt?-Definition of all finance terms

Definition of scrypt

The scrypt is a derivation based function in which a secret key derived from a password with a security purpose by making an attack on a system more expensive. It is one of an online backup service by the name of tarsnap. It was introduced by Colin Percival in 2009.

Breif Explanation of scrypt

The purpose of Scrypt is to prevent the service attacks in a network. This is specifically designed to make a process long or costly who wants to attack anyone’s network.There is two most securing functions for attackers if they know a password so then after this he has to pay an additional computational cost for performing operations and if they do not have a password it becomes more costly for the attacker to pay a cost of every trial of passwords in other systems and network for guessing a password of someone.A cryptographic algorithm is also named as the scrypt. The new or updated version of Scrypt is a PROOF OF WORK which is launched in 2009.

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