what is SHA 256?-Definition of all finance terms

Definition of SHA 256

SHA-256 stands for secure hash algorithm-256.  It is one a hash function of the cryptographic world. Which is working on all digitized data by algorithm operations, it was introduced by NSA (national security agency) in the USA. SHA-256 is a novel hash function which consists of 32 bits.

Breif Explanation of SHA 256

SHA-256 is a member of an SHA-2 family. Basically, this secure hash algorithm compares two computed values from which one is known and another is expected value. With the help of this function results, a person can find integrity in a given data. SHA-256 also perform one key function of cryptography. It can able to determine two different input values that occurred in the same hash output. This function is known as collision resistance.Usually, this SHA-256 algorithm function is preferable than SHA-224. The family of this secure algorithm function consists of six hash functions with different bits.

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