Definition of Accounts Receivable Insurance

What is Accounts Receivable Insurance ?

Definition of Accounts Receivable Insurance Accounts Receivable Insurance is offered to businesses by commercial insurers as a kind of credit insurance. It can also be available in kind of key buyer insurance or multi-buyer insurance i.e., a pool of receivables. This insurance safeguards an organization when its customers become unable to meet their obligations towards organization. […]
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Definition of Accumulation Phase

What is Accumulation Phase ?

Definition of Accumulation Phase The accumulation phase is a time period, which starts from the annuity investments and ends with the person’s retirement. It period can be defined as the working time of the person’s life period.  The more the investor sets aside the funds/valuables and saves them, the higher returns he gets after retirement.   […]
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Definition of Acquirer

What is Acquirer ?

Definition of Acquirer It is a financial organization working as a bridge between the Banks/Financial Companies and the customers/consumers using credit  or debit cards. In the recent times when everything has been modernized,   merchants or shopping malls/stores have been forced to keep Debit/Credit Card business affiliations just to add other methods of payment along with cash […]
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Definition of Acquisition Financing

What is Acquisition Financing ?

Definition of Acquisition Financing Acquisition Financing is known for making capital through different means with the purpose of expanding the scope of business entity. Brief Explanation of Acquisition Financing It lets the enterprise to make the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risks. Or it is a […]
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Definition of Adjusted Gross Estate

What is Adjusted Gross Estate ?

Definition of Adjusted Gross Estate The Adjusted Gross Estate is additionally the incentive in which property expenses are required upon. It is the total assets of the expiree’s home in the wake of deducting the cost of any remaining debts and managerial expenses related to the person. The conjugal, state demise impose and magnanimous conclusions are […]
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