what is Bitcoin uppercase?-Definition of all finance terms

What is Bitcoin (uppercase)?

Definition of Bitcoin (uppercase) Bitcoin uppercase has basically defined the bitcoin with a capital “B” which represents different context or perspective. When we use bitcoin with an uppercase that means we are here referring bitcoin in a context of complete distributed network or ecosystem. It is important for users to differentiate between bitcoin with uppercase and […]
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Definition of Business Strategy

What is Business Strategy ?

Definition of Business Strategy Business Strategy is the craft, art and science of evaluating, formulating and implementing decisions related to cross-functions to help an organization in achievement of its long-term objectives. Business strategy is the process through which an organization’s vision, mission and objectives are specified, plans and policies are developed in terms of programs […]
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Definition of Business Process Reengineering

What is Business Process Reengineering ?

Definition of Business Process Reengineering Business Process Reengineering is the redesign and analysis of workflows between and within enterprises in order to automate non-value-added tasks and optimize end-to-end processes. It involves modifications in processes and in structures inside the business environment. In Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the entire organizational, human and technological dimensions may be changed. […]
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Definition ofBusiness Ideas

What is Business Ideas

A business idea is a unique concept that revolves around creating a product or service , offered to a particular market segment for money ,for the purpose of achieving profitability or financial returns. Description: Generally, developing a business idea is the first step towards creation & propagation of a profitable venture provided that the idea […]
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Definition of Business Development

What is Business Development

Business development covers a number of activities & inter-related processes under its umbrella, grouped together for strategic growth of an organization & exploring growth opportunities. The field involves successful implementation & evaluation of these activities. It sets from the field of e-commerce, business studies & organizational behavior. Description: Business development concisely incorporates the idea, successive […]
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Definition of Business Administration

What is Business Administration

Business administration is a field of study that deals with management of a business. & includes wide disciplines with knowledge of how to oversee business operations. Description: Business administration is a broad field that includes & wins successive managerial positions. Business administration has now become a demand from every startup to an MNC, with the […]
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Definition of Bull Market

What is Bull market

A bull market is a term used for financial market comprising of a collection of securities of expectedly rising prices or that are already being traded on higher prices. Description: The term “bull market” is another name for the stock market but broadly covers all financial instruments that are being traded, like: T-bills, bonds, currencies […]
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Definition of Broker

What is Broker?

A broker is a person or collective firm that performs buy & sell service against a fee or commission for it for an investor. Description of Broker A broker can be an individual or a firm, acting as an agent third party for the customer & offer service for commission fee or simply a licensed […]
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Definition of Bottom up

What is Bottom-Up?

It is a type of forecast in finance that involves preparing an in-depth budget with expenditure calculations & forecasts by the departmental heads. The bottom-up forecast is calculated by the formula: Bottom-up= Operating expense plan- depreciation expense Description A Bottom-up forecast, also termed as “operational expense plan”, as indicated above is a realistic forecasting tool […]
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