Definition of Contingent Deferred Sales Charge

What is Contingent Deferred Sales Charge ?

Definition of Contingent Deferred Sales Charge Contingent Deferred Sales Charge  is a fee sales cost or load that common finance traders pay when selling Class-B finance stocks within a specified period of duration of the date on which they were initially bought. This is also known as a “back-end load” or “sales charge”. Brief Explanation of […]
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Definition of Computer courses

What is Computer courses ?

Definition of Computer courses Computer courses are offered at all levels. Courses prepare learners for a variety of tasks, such as primary tasks such as data access all the way up to more advanced roles such as design developer and Web developer. Brief Explanation of Computer courses They can be part of a lot of types […]
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Definition of Compounding

What is Compounding ?

Definition of Compounding Compounding is the process where the value of a smart financial commitment increases because of the earnings on a smart financial commitment, both capital gains and attention, generate attention over the years. Brief Explanation of Compounding This rapid development occurs because the overall development of a smart financial commitment along with its major generates […]
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Definition of Commodity

What is Commodity ?

Definition of Commodity Commodity  is a primary good used in business that is exchangeable with other products of the same type; products are most often used as information in the production of other services or goods.   Brief Explanation of Commodity When they are exchanged on an exchange, products must also meet specified minimum requirements, also […]
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Definition of Commission

What is Commission ?

Definition of Commission A commission is a fee evaluated by an agent or financial commitment consultant in return for providing financial commitment guidance and/or managing the sale or purchase of a protection. Commissions can be different widely from agent to agent. Most major, full-service agents obtain most of their profits from commissions on client dealings. […]
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Definition of Commercial paper

What is Commercial paper ?

Definition of Commercial paper Commercial paper  is an unprotected, short-term debt instrument issued by an enterprise.  is normally issued at a rebate from face esteem and reflects winning market interest rates. Developments on it once in a while go any more extended than 270 days. Brief Explanation of Commercial paper It is used normally for […]
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Definition of Collection Center

What is Collection Center ?

Definition of Collection Center A financial collection center is an area that is home to a group of broadly or universally critical financial services providers, for example, banks, speculation chiefs or stock exchanges. A noticeable financial collection center can be portrayed as a worldwide financial collection center (IFCC) or a worldwide financial collection center and is […]
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Definition of Coin

What is Coin ?

Definition of Coin Coin includes in every currency. They are a form of money similar to the paper notes. However, they are a short amount of cash. They are issued by the government and they always circulate in the economy. It can also be used as a medium of exchange for services and goods. It is […]
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What is Cash Flow?

Definition Cash flow is the movement of net amount of cash and equivalents in the business. Positive cash flow indicates the liquid assets of a company are increasing, making feasibility to pay its debt, reinvest in the business, pay expenses and return money to shareholders. Negative cash flow indicates that liquid assets of a company […]
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Definition of Cash Flow Analysis

What is Cash Flow Analysis?

Definition Cash flow analysis is the examination of inflow and outflow of the company for a specific period. The analysis starts with opening balance, generates ending balance after accounting for all cash receipts and paid expenses during the period. Cash flow analysis usually used for the purpose of financial reporting. Explanation of Cash Flow Analysis […]
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