Definition of Duration

What is Duration ?

Definition of Duration Duration in general term means the time period for which something continues. In Business or finance term means sensitivity to yield of price during a period of time or rate of change in price with respect to yield. It is normally associated with fixed cash flow assets. It is the number of […]
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Explanation Of Dividend warrant

What is Dividend warrant ?

Dividend warrant Dividend is the share of profit distributed by company out of it’s earning to the company’s shareholders. It is basically percentage earning of shareholders out of their investment in a company. Dividends are mostly paid annually but can be quarterly or interim too. Brief Explanation Of  Dividend warrant Dividend are mostly in the […]
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Explanation Of Distribution

What is Distribution ?

Definition of Distribution Distribution in general means dividing something among a number of recipient (not necessarily equal) or movement of services or goods from one source to another. Brief Explanation Of Distribution Distribution in Finance means payment of stocks, cash or profit earned from disposal of assets (securities or capital gains) to is shareholders. It […]
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Definition of Distance learning

What is Distance learning ?

Definition of Distance learning Distance learning also known as distance education as the name suggests is the process of learning while one is not physically present at school or learning place. There could be a number of reasons for distance learning like The course a student wants to take is not being offered at any university […]
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Definition of Discounting ?

What is Discounting ?

Definition of Discounting Discounting means calculating the present value PV of amount which is expected to be received at some time in future. Time value of money is the concept behind discounting. Brief Explanation Of  Discounting Receiving $ 1M would worth more if received now than after three years because receiving it today you can utilize […]
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Definition of Debt Fund

What is Debt Fund?

Definition Debt fund is a pool of investment such as exchange traded fund or mutual fund, in which primary holdings are based on fixed income investment. The debt fund may be invested in long or short term bonds, money market instrument, treasury bills, security product, government securities, and floating rate debt. Generally, it has fixed […]
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Definition of Debt Diet

What is Debt Diet?

Definition Debt diet is a concept for the debt management, given by the Oprah Winfrey. It was first on aired on 17th February, 2006. In this series, Oprah Winfrey gathered some financial experts, including David Bach, Jean Chatzky, and Glinda Bridgforth in order to develop step by step plan for the management of debt. This […]
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Definition of Debt Settlement

What is Debt Settlement?

Definition Debt Settlement is a process of offering a large, onetime payment for an existing balance in order to exempt the remaining debt. It is also known as debt arbitration or credit settlement. With this approach, the debtor and creditor agree on a reduced balance that will be settled in consideration of the payment of […]
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