Definition of First-loss policy

What is First-loss policy ?

Definition of  First-loss policy First-loss policy is a sort of property insurance policy that gives just fractional insurance. In case of a claim, the policyholder consents to acknowledge a sum not as much as the full estimation of damaged, decimated or stolen things/property. Consequently, the backup plan consents to not punish the policyholder for under-safeguarding […]
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Definition of Fintech

What is Fintech ?

Definition Fintech is a portmanteau of financial technology that portrays a developing money-related administration area in the 21st century. The term initially referred to technology related to built-up purchasers and exchange money-related establishments. However, since the finish of the primary decade of the 21st century, the term has extended to incorporate any mechanical development in […]
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Definition of Financial elder abuse

What is Financial elder abuse ?

Definition of  Financial elder abuse Financial elder abuse is the money-related misuse of the elderly. It can take many structures – familiar people, organizations, and even the outside world can deceive them. Regular strategies are the unapproved utilization of the casualty’s benefits, picking up the energy of a lawyer under affectation, or participating in out-and-out extortion. […]
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Definition of Franchise

What is Franchise ?

Definition of  Franchise A franchise is a kind of permit that a gathering (franchisee) gets to enable them to approach a business’s (the franchiser) restrictive learning, procedures, and trademarks keeping in mind the end goal to enable the gathering to offer an item or give an administration under the business’ name. Most franchises pay the […]
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Definition of Foreign institutional investor (FII)

What is Foreign institutional investor (FII) ?

Definition   A foreign institutional investor (FII) is a spectacular or venture subsidize enlisted in a nation outside of the one to which it is contributing. Institutional speculators most eminently incorporate flexible investments, insurance agencies, benefits stores, and common assets. In India, the term refers to external organizations investing in the country’s money-related markets. Brief […]
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