Definition of Government Securities

What is Government Securities ?

Definition of Government Securities Government security is like a simple bond which is issued by Government itself. Just like any other business which needs money to run its operations and hence borrow money from investors, Government also needs money to operate and so they borrow money from financial institutions or public. Government produce securities in the […]
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Definition of Gap financing

What is Gap financing ?

Definition of Gap financing Gap financing is generally a term used for short term or interim loan needed to run business operations or fill the gap between minimum capital required for a business and availability of it. When starting a business capital is required to run it. The lending institutions or banks always has a minimum […]
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Definition of Gantt chart

What is Gantt chart ?

Definition of Gantt chart Gantt chart is a management software tool just like bar chart to represent project schedule in graphical form. Its helps represent and plan, coordinate and track projects. It represents different projects and how they are connected with each other in terms of time.   Brief Explanation of Gantt chart ELEMENTS: Dates are displayed […]
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Definition of Gold As An Investment ?


Definition of GOLD AS AN INVESTMENT People invest in different commodities to reserve their cash and / or gain profit in future. One such the most precious and popular metal investment is gold. Gold has been used as money in history and is equivalent to money even today. Apart from investment and profit perspective buying […]
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Definition of Gilts

What is Gilts ?

Definition of Gilts The bonds issued by Government to raise funds are called Gilts. Since they are issued by Government hence they are considered to be low risk investments. It are normally linked to the bonds specifically UK Government release but the term can be used and known in general. But until unless specified Gilts […]
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