Definition of Hybrid scheme

What is Hybrid scheme ?

Definition of Hybrid scheme A hybrid scheme is a characterized benefit scheme, which includes components of cash buy benefits design. In a characterized benefit scheme, your annuity scheme will utilize an equation, to calculate your annuity benefits utilizing 4 key components. The equation (and the definitions for each piece of it) will be set out in […]
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Definition of What is Home office

What is Home office ?

Definition of Home office Home office is one of the British Government Department. It is a ministry department in United Kingdom and deals with immigration and security related issues. British Home Office was founded in 1782 and since then it’s main aim is to provide safe and secure rights to it’s citizens. It’s main office […]
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Definition of Human Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management?

Definition of Human Resource Management Human resource management as the name suggests is a department in any organization which deals with company’s employees from hiring (entry) till their leaving the organization. It is responsible to perform all the duties related to employees during their tenure in their organization and sometimes even afterwards. Brief Explanation of Human Resource […]
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Definition of Hedge

What is a Hedge?

  Definition The hedge is the financial terms used in risk management strategy. It is the offsetting or limiting the probability of loss from the decreasing prices of the stock, commodities, currencies and securities. In other word, It is the process of transferring risk without buying insurance policy. In simple language, It is the process of making investment […]
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