Definition of Microsoft Project

What is Microsoft Project ?

Definition of  Microsoft Project Microsoft Project is basically software of project management, developed and sold by Microsoft Company. Brief Explanation of Microsoft Project It was the company’s third Microsoft Windows-based application, and within a few years of its introduction, it became the dominant PC-based project store application. It is meant to assist a job manager […]
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Definition of Market research

What is Market research ?

Definition of Market research Market research is the procedure of evaluating the stability of a new excellent or support through analysis performed directly with the customer who allows an organization to discover the target market and record views and other input from consumers regarding interest in the item. Brief Explanation of Market research Test topics are usually […]
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Definition of Marketing plan

What is Marketing plan ?

Definition of Marketing plan A marketing plan is a comprehensive papers or blueprint that explains an organization’s advertising and promotion efforts for buy. Brief Explanation of Marketing plan A marketing plan also has information of the current promotion position of an organization, a discussion of the target audience and information of the promotion mix that an organization […]
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Definition of Marketing management

What is Marketing management ?

Definition of Marketing management Marketing management is the business self-discipline which concentrates on the program of selling alignment, techniques and methods inside businesses and organizations and on the control of a company’s marketing sources and activities.   Brief Explanation of Marketing management It utilizes various tools from financial aspects and aggressive strategy to evaluate the market perspective […]
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