Definition of Net Asset

What is Net Asset ?

Definition of Net Asset Net Asset means any item or property owned or controlled by a company or individual whose economic future benefit belongs to the holder. Brief Explanation of Net Asset Net asset is thus total assets of the company less liabilities. Net assets are calculated on fair market value basis. A company for example has […]
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Definition of Net profit margin

What is Net profit margin ?

Definition of Net profit margin Net profit margin is the profit margin percentage of revenue after deducting all the operating expenses, interests and taxes. Net profit margin can be calculated as follows. Net Profit Margin = (Net Profit)/ Total Revenue Where Net profit =Total Revenue- Total Expenses Brief Explanation of Net profit margin Net Profit is […]
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Definition of Net worth

What is Net worth ?

Definition of Net worth Net worth is a simple term which states the net assets of a business, individuals Government and other entities. For example, Asset- Liabilities= Net assets Assets include cash in hand and bank, investments, car, real estate, home , land , gold and anything of such value. Brief Explanation of Net worth […]
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Definition of Non-recurring engineering

What is Non-recurring engineering ?

Definition of Non-recurring engineering Non-recurring engineering refers to the cost of product which is incurred just one time in the manufacturing of the product. This cost may include research, design, development and testing of a new product.   Brief Explanation of Non-recurring engineering As it includes elements of cost like research and testing of new product, the […]
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Definition of NON-RECURRING INCOME NON-RECURRING INCOME in general means any event that happens only once and would not repeat. Non-recurring events are also known as extra ordinary events. They can be both income and expense cases. Non-recurring  in business means any unusual event that brought in income to the business, but would not happen again. […]
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Definition of No Load Fund

What is No Load Fund ?

No Load Fund No Load Fund in which no charges or commission is deducted or charged during the time of sale or purchase of funds. This is because these funds are distributed directly by investment company rather than selling their shares through an intermediary or broker, hence no broker kind of fee is charged. Because […]
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