What is an Oracle?

What is an Oracle?

Definition of Oracle Oracle is an IT software for banking that provides business solutions to the world’s banking industry. It is a financial service software that provides services for the banking business sector globally. Brief Explanation of Oracle This software contains many different countries with approximately 900 or 1000 customers satisfied with Oracle’s functions. It […]
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Definition of Overhead Ratio

What is Overhead Ratio ?

Definition of Overhead Ratio Operating costs consist of marketing, office rent, professional fees, utilities, insurance, equipment servicing, devaluation or plants or equipment, etc. Brief Explanation of Overhead Ratio It is a metric that allows organizations to evaluate costs as a percentage of revenue. In common, an organization strives to achieve the lowest operating costs possible […]
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Definition of Overhead Rate

What is Overhead Rate ?

Definition of Overhead Rate Overhead Rate is basically the management expenses of a company that need to operate general corporate functions, and which cannot be for sure related to any revenue-generating activities or units of outcome (such as products to be sold). Brief Explanation of Overhead Rate It is often difficult to evaluate precisely the amount […]
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Definition of overhead

What is Overhead ?

Overhead Overhead  is an accounting term that represents all continuous business costs, not such as or related to immediate work, immediate materials or third-party costs that are charged straight to customers. Overhead It costs can be set, significance they are the same monthly, or varying, significance they increase or reduce based upon on their action stage. […]
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Definition of Overhang

What is Overhang ?

Definition of Overhang The overhang is a evaluate of the prospective dilution to which a common stock’s current investors are revealed due to the perspective that stock-based settlement will be granted to professionals, administrators or key workers of the organization. Brief Explanation of Overhang It is usually showed in amount form and is measured as […]
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Definition of Overfunded Pension Plan

What is Overfunded Pension Plan ?

Definition of Overfunded Pension Plan Overfunded Pension Plan is an organization pension strategy that has more resources than obligations. In other words, there is an excess sum of money needed to cover present and upcoming retirements. Brief Explanation of Overfunded Pension Plan Although the excess can lawfully be documented as organization earnings, it cannot be paid […]
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Definition of Overextension

What is Overextension ?

Definition of Overextension Overextension is a Economical loan or expansion of credit score that is larger than what the client can pay back. Explanation of Overextension It can require the client to negotiate his or her financial obligations into a single financial loan. Customers who must use more than a third of their net income […]
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Definition of Overdraft protection

What is Overdraft Protection ?

Definition of Overdraft Protection Overdraft protection is a history of credit score that banks offer to their customers to cover their overdrafts. Brief Explanation of Overdraft Protection Overdraft protection kicks in when a client signs a check for more than the amount in their consideration. It comes at a price. Although it does allow its […]
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Definition of Overdraft Cap

What is Overdraft Cap ?

Definition of Overdraft Cap Overdraft Cap is a maximum dollar limit that a standard bank sends to another standard bank in one day. Brief Explanation of Overdraft Cap The overdraft cap boundaries the amount that banking institutions sends via private payment or the Fed wire network. This cap limits a lender’s daylight-overdraft exposure. The overdraft […]
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Definition of Over draft

What is Over draft ?

Definition of Over draft An overdraft consideration is an extension of credit ranking from a lending institution when an exchange consideration reaches zero.   Brief Explanation of Over draft An over draft consideration allows the individual to continue withdrawing money even if the consideration has no resources in it or not enough to protect the […]
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