Definition of Over contribution

What is Over contribution ?

Definition of Over contribution Any contribution to tax-deductible pension benefits plans going above the utmost permitted contribution for a given interval as driven by the pension program’s domain registrar. Brief Explanation of Over contribution Over contributions are susceptible to the pension program’s rules or laws and regulations. Over contributions are usually susceptible to some form […]
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Definition of obsolete inventory

What is Obsolete Inventory ?

Definition of Obsolete Inventory Obsolete inventory is a term that represents inventory that is at the end of its item lifecycle and has not seen any product sales or utilization for a few days usually identified by the market. Brief Explanation of Obsolete Inventory This type of inventory has to be published down and can […]
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Definition of Obligor Obsolescence Risk

What is Obligor Obsolescence Risk ?

Definition of Obligor Obsolescence Risk The risk that a process, item or technical innovation used or produced by an organization for income will become Obsolete and therefore no longer aggressive in industry. Brief Explanation of Obligor Obsolescence Risk Obligor Obsolescence Risk is most significant for technology-based organizations or organizations with services or products centered on […]
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Definition of Obligatory Reinsurance

What is Obligatory Reinsurance ?

Definition of Obligatory Reinsurance Obligatory Reinsurance is a reinsurance agreement in which the ceding insurance provider confirms to send a reinsurer all recommendations which fit within the rules of the reinsurance agreement. An essential reinsurance agreement also called an automated agreement requires the reinsurer to agree to the following tips. Brief Explanation of Obligatory Reinsurance Insurers […]
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Definition of Obligation Bond

What is Obligation Bond ?

Definition of Obligation Bond A municipal bond used to protect a mortgage on the residence or other physical resources that can be liquidated. The face value of the text is greater than the value of the residence itself. Brief Explanation of Obligation Bond A responsibility bond makes a personal responsibility on the part of the […]
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Definition of Obligation

What is Obligation ?

Definition of Obligation An obligation in the fund is the responsibility to meet the terms of a contract. Brief Explanation of Obligation If a responsibility is not met, the judicial system often provides options for the injured party. Financial Obligation represents any excellent debts or regular expenses that you must make. If you owe or will […]
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Definition of Obligor

What is Obligor?

An obligor, also known as a borrower, is an individual or enterprise who is lawfully or contractually required to provide a advantage or transaction to another. Description In a financial perspective, the word “obligor” represents a Correlation company who is contractually likely to make all major installments and attention rates on excellent financial debt. The […]
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