What is State Channel?

Definition of State Channel State channel is one of an information system of the state in a wireless communication, which have channel properties of a communication link. It makes possible to provide the information through a network to a block chain. It is considered as one of a wideStar approach for the collaboration of block […]
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Definition of Savings

What is Savings ?

Definition of Savings Savings is the amount remaining over when the cost of a person’s consumer expenditure is subtracted from the amount of disposable earnings he generates in a given time frame. Brief Explanation of Savings For those who are financially prudent, the amount of cash remaining over after individual costs have been met can be […]
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Definition of Stock fund

What is Stock fund ?

Definition of Stock fund Stock fund also known as equity fund is a fund that simply invests in stocks and securities. Stock funds are generally for long term and their aim is to gain yield through capital gains. Dividend is also one source of return to consider. Stock funds are different from bond funds and […]
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Definition of Switching

What is Switching ?

Definition of Switching Switching means transfer of investment from one fund to another. It is a process of switching a position in exchange of another with a view of better profit and benefits. It can be done with the family of funds or to an entire new mutual fund family for the purpose of better yield […]
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Definition of Stock market

What is Stock market ?

Definition of Stock market Stock market also known as share market is one point, platform or hub where buyers and sellers of shares deal. It is a place where aggregated buyers and sellers do their share business transactions. Stock market facilitates brokers to trade company shares and other securities. Stock market list common shares as […]
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Definition of Stocks

What is Stocks ?

Definition of Stocks Every business requires money or capital to run. Not all businesses are sole proprietors. In other scenario businesses are run by borrowing money and injecting in the business. Such one type of capital injection is through stocks.  Stock is a type of security that claims the investor’s ownership or his part in business […]
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