what is transaction block?-Definition of all finance terms

What is transaction block?

Definition of transaction block In a network, a transaction block records all or some of the transactions and the data and regulates them. This process makes every transaction in a blockchain of cryptocurrency more secure and reliable. Brief Explanation This block is completely like a record book or ledger where all the completed block has been checked […]
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what is token?-Definition of all finance terms

What is token?

Definition of token In the world of cryptocurrency, the token is a characterization or representation of digital commodities or assets used in a distributed blockchain-based network. These are commonly provided by cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoin, etc. Brief Explanation of token This is quite similar to a common coin but is built on a different platform of […]
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Definition of Total Return

What is Total Return ?

Definition of Total Return One of the major goals of making investments is to earn profit returns from it. The total return income generally includes capital gains, interests ,distributions and dividends received over the period. Total Return =Dividends+ interests +distributions+ capital gain- capital loss Total return can be divided into two categories, regular interest or dividends […]
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Definition of Traditional cost Accounting

What is Traditional cost Accounting ?

Traditional cost Accounting Traditional cost Accounting is a costing system in which all the manufacturing cost is assigned to the product being made. Traditional costing is also known is conventional costing. Elements of manufacturing cost includes Labor, material and other expenses. Traditional cost Accounting Material cost: Cost of material used in any product. Labor cost: […]
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Definition of Transaction cost

What is Transaction cost ?

Definition of Transaction cost Transaction cost as it’s name is any cost incurred in making a transaction i.e. buying or selling. It includes all the cost and expenses required a bring an asset to it’s working condition or to sell an asset. Brief Explanation of Transaction cost If buying or selling shares or securities, costs […]
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Definition of Transfer Agents

What is Transfer Agents ?

Definition of  Transfer Agents A transfer agent is a financial institution or trust company or bank which keeps record of investors and his account balances for the sake of company. Transfer agents are generally assigned by organizations to maintain track of investor’s transactions, issues different certificates and assist them in different matters like losing of […]
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Definition of Tangible Assets

What is Tangible Assets?

Definition of  Tangible Assets Any assets in physical form are known as tangible assets, such as plant and machinery, furniture, vehicles, etc. The company has control over these physical assets because of events that have happened in the past, such as signing a purchase contract. Explanation It contributes significantly to the value of a company. […]
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