What is Value Proposition Budgeting

What is Value Proposition Budgeting?

What is Value Proposition Budgeting Value Proposition Budgeting, also known as priority-based budgeting, is a costing method used to analyze the value of every activity in a business. This strategy prioritizes the most important activities to create better profits for the organization.  Prioritizing high-valued activities will maximize profits. In addition, this budget process includes reasoning […]
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What is Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO   A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a highly experienced executive working remotely with organizations to provide professional financial advice and expertise. Virtual CFOs typically have years of experience working in the C-suite of corporate finance, accounting, and business strategy. They partner with businesses to provide monthly analyses of their financial performance, […]
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Definition for v-shaped-recovery

What is V-Shaped Recovery?

Definition of V-Shaped Recovery A situation in which an economy enters a steep recession but quickly and strongly recovers. A V-shaped recovery may be bullish and lead to GDP growth and job creation, but it may be risky because of the possibility that another steep decline could occur. Explanation of V-Shaped Recovery Investors and traders […]
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Definition for -vacancy-rate

What is Vacancy Rate?

Definition of Vacation Rate Vacancy rate is the percentage of built space in the markets that are currently unoccupied or are available for rent. Explanation of Vacation Rate Vacancy rate determines supply and demand in the real estate market. Though high vacancy rate is undesirable, both tenant and landlord require time to search for a […]
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Definition for vacation-home

What is Vacation Home?

Definition of Vacation Home Vacation home is a residence other than the owner’s primary residence that is used for vacations or other recreational purposes. Explanation of Vacation Home A vacation home is often rented to boarders during times when the owner is not using it. Different tax rules apply for how much interest can be […]
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Definition valoren-number

What is Valoren Number?

Definition of Valoren Number Valoren numbers form a unique coding system for registered securities in Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. Explanation of Valoren Number Numbers are assigned by SIX Financial Information, a Zurich-headquartered multi-national financial data vendor, only after the existence of the securities has been verified; a company wishing to gain a valoren number for […]
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Definition for valuation-paper-insurance

What is Valuation Paper Insurance?

Definition of Valuation Paper Insurance Valuable papers insurance protects an organization’s valuable papers and records. Research and replacement costs are covered by valuable papers policies. If the important papers cannot be replaced, this type of insurance will cover the documents’ value. Explanation of Valuation Paper Insurance The coverage limits for valuable papers insurance can be […]
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Definition for valuation

What is Valuation?

Definition of Valuation Valuation is a method of quantifying how much money something should be exchanged for today, considering future benefits. Valuation is highly subjective, but it is easiest when one is considering the current value of tangible assets. For example, determining how much a willing buyer will pay a willing seller for a house […]
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Definition for valuation-clause

What is Valuation Clause?

Definition of Valuation Clause A provision in some insurance policies stating the amount of money the insurer will pay the policy holder if the insured event occurs. Explanation of Valuation Clause That is, the valuation clause states that the insurance company will pay a fixed amount, neither more nor less, under the circumstances described in […]
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